Is it possible to teach kids Java programming? At what age is it reasonable to start familiarizing your kid with essentials of coding? Some parents think that programming and code writing is too hard for a child, reserving the right to choose a career path and to try their hand at programming to the adolescent years. But you may be surprised to know that kids may master some basic Java concepts and even write some working code at the age of 4! Incredible, isn’t it? Here we share some tips, useful resources, and methods of introducing your kids to the vibrant world of programming.

Teaching Your Child Programming with QBasic Coding

Surely, the starting point of nurturing a young programmer is to raise his/her interest in the area. Thus, it’s vital to start with the simplest things to let the child feel the victory of producing something on his/her own and seeing the results of hard work. In this regard, QBasic is largely recommended as a good starting point. It is a nightmare of mature programmers, but a real find for the rookies and kids because of the absence of complexity, awkward operators, and abstract concepts.

Advanced Java Talks for Kids

Explanatory videos from renowned experts in the programming field may also become the source of inspiration for mastering coding, as well as great visual instructions on how to perform this or that coding task. Thus, it’s highly recommended to acquaint kids with some greater Java Talks videos from which they will learn much about the coding world and will learn some fundamentals. They may be found online at TED Talks, Java conferences, and a variety of YouTube channels dedicated to Java.

Top 5 Java Coding for Kids Websites

Besides the resources mentioned above and the parent’s desire to teach the child coding, a kid-friendly website can help in the teaching process immensely. To date, the best coding websites presenting the programming data in a simple, understandable format include:

  • Blockly. This website suites even elementary school students, with the minimum age indicated at the website as 8 years old. What’s even better about it, it’s totally free. The resource teaches kids the basics of programming and gives a simple introduction to JavaScript in the form of block-based programming. Children are offered to compile puzzles on the screen, with each piece of the puzzle containing a block of code, and the final image representing the working code sequence.
  • Code Combat. The website may be used by kids starting from 5 years old, but some advanced educational levels are well-suited even for teenagers. Here the code teaching takes place in the form of an online RPG during which the players master the basics of JavaScript and Python.
  • Kodable. This website was designed for the smallest software engineers and can be used by kids 4+ years old. it provides self-directed lessons designed in a kid-friendly manner and presenting the Java programming for kids in a very simple, understandable format.
  • Tynker is also accessible for kids starting from 4 years old, giving them a bright, involving learning environment. Here children start programming their own games and apps by following comprehensive guidance of teachers. Three complexity levels are available for kids of varying skill and programming knowledge.
  • Vidcode is a video coding platform available for children of an older age, starting from 11 years old. Here children learn to produce video animation and simple graphics, then sharing their projects on social media or in the Vidcode online community.

As you can see, teaching kids Java is very simple if you know at least a bit about coding yourself and have nurtured your child’s interest for the programming. Use these tips and resources to raise a new coding genius!

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