As the WEB environment develops, the user’s perception of the design and content design changes. The new directions of the web with advanced technologies of website building are also changing design views, but in general, the popularity of modern clean web design continues to grow. In fashion, the simplicity of design and simplicity of visual solutions – the development of which will require the web designer to take into account user expectations as well.

How to make your site modern

There are many ways how to make your site more modern:

Text overlapping graphic content (These are various intersections of text with images, dice, blocks. Using large and bold fonts will show your confidence, and allow the visitor to look at the site from various points of view.)

Asymmetric layouts and “broken” mesh (Broken placement of elements is a growing web trend, for the implementation of which no extra development resources are required. Custom grid is used to ensure that the site does not look like the others from its niche. Visual balance is maintained.)

Duotone and overlay over images

Modern retro in illustrations and elements (design with elements of the past causes nostalgic notes. With the intrinsic nature of the vintage style, it fits into the minimalist concept of modern web design.)

Custom illustrations (A unique illustration in the background, can create a special attitude and even affect the aesthetics of the site.)

Brutal web design (The style of brutalism in web design is quite diverse. In fact, it is an unfinished design and the embodiment of the idea of minimalist contrast. Many are attracted by the brutalist aesthetics: grunge, uncouthness, asceticism. It is believed that in certain niches brutal web design increases the conversion of the site.)

Stylish texture in the background ( Again in the trend tiled backgrounds and backgrounds with repetitive elements. Creatively selected textures give the site personality. Also, a stylish background can perfectly harmonize with non-standard forms of elements.)

Sophisticated animations and effects OY ( Sophisticated micro iterations look stylish and improve the user experience, interesting animation scenarios can entertain and serve as a navigation center, visually marking interactive interaction with the user.)

Scalable SVG graphics ( The images are scaled losslessly in quality, easily edited with CSS and weigh little. HTML5 technologies allow you to integrate flexible SVG elements into a web page.)

Isometry in design (3D rendering in a two-dimensional space of a web page requires working with graphic elements.)

Split screen (Vertical split allows you to add other style elements. Split screens provide excellent opportunities for content promotion.)

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